Nathan and his Trisan
Some attributes
First Favorite Color: Turquoise
Second Original Monster: Trisan
Third Friends: Austin, Brian Tae, Sophia, Sean, Gabriel, Thomas, Cletus
Other attributes
Fourth Powers or Weapons: Two Wakizashis
Fifth Personality: Calm
Sixth Monsters: Trisan

Nathan is one of Austin's followers, or basically friends. His main monster is Trisan, which is the only 3 typed monster so far.

Nathan's main goal is to capture all the dragon element monsters. Which is a little strange, because Trisan is not a dragon element monster, he is Fire, Ice, and Shock. Nathan also has a collection of Shiny Monsters in his journey. Nathan might be calm, but he is a big fan of games and likes drawing game characters. Whenever Nathan has free time, he likes to go alone and try to find more dragon element monster or Shiny Monsters. Nathan might have a lot of things to do, but he is one heck of a tamer.