Brian Tae
Brian Tae 6
Brian Tae with Sharth
Some attributes
First Favorite Color: Black
Second Original Monster: Sharth
Third Friends: Austin, Sophia, Sean, Gabriel, Nathan, Thomas, Cletus
Other attributes
Fourth Powers or Weapons: Super Speed
Fifth Personality: Funny
Sixth Monsters: Sharth

Brian Tae is one of Austin's followers, of basically friends. His main monster is Sharth, but however Brian Tae has encountered some particularity rare monsters on his journey with Austin.

Just like Austin's page, Brian Tae's main goal is to catch all the monsters he can. However, Brian Tae might be quiet and strong in battle sometimes, Brian Tae's trueself is that Brian Tae is funny and like to make a lot of jokes. Brian Tae sometimes gets blamed for lots of accidents, and since he is very fast there could be a commotion of people fighting over him. Brian Tae makes his way as a tamer, and journeys with Austin and continues being funny.