Austin 5
Austin and his Dranard
Some attributes
First Favorite Color: Pink
Second Original Monster: Dranard
Third Friends: Brian Tae, Sophia, Sean, Gabriel, Nathan, Thomas, Cletus
Other attributes
Fourth Powers or Weapons: Transform into Ultra Austin
Fifth Personality: Happy
Sixth Monsters: Dranard, Wingopteryx

Austin is the main character of the Monster series, and is the leader of the Monster Crew. He is also the one who united the Monster Defenders. He has a group of 9 friends to journey along with. 

The first five friends that Austin met are Brian Tae, Sophia, Sean, Gabriel, and Nathan. Then after an invasion and a challenge, Thomas and Cletus came to save the day. Austin's main goal is the help his friends and catch all the monsters he can. First of all, Austin is eager to choose Dranard, the fire type dragon as his starter. However, Dranard was naughty and quirky and did not listen to Austin at all. But when Dranard is in battle, Dranard is very fierce and strong. Austin soon hopes to catch more monsters and meet more friends.